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There is a mountain of research in the area of the effects of temperature on learning, which all points to the same inescapable conclusion. There are some typical papers and news items below. The first link is to a compelling comparitive case study of a Devon school showing huge savings.

Click above for case study

Image by Maxim Tajer

Excessive Working Temeratures

NAS/UWT Bulletin 2022

Startling statistics regarding learning

Image by Cullan Smith

Thermal Comfort

Health and Safety Executive

Definitions and causes


Educators, Students Forced to Deal With Sweltering Classrooms

National Education Association (USA) News, 2019... very relevant to the UK now

Image by Amador Loureiro

HKS Working Paper No. RWP18-014

A Paper from Harvard comparing the SATs results of over 10 million students: biggest study ever

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

In The Green

Leadership Summary, Gareth Marshall, Pied Piper 2021

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

How Extreme Heat Affects Learning

Stanford University News

Far reaching conclusions on a global scale

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