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In The Green

Leadership Summary


In The Green is a student performance, CO2 reduction and energy cost saving initiative pioneered by experienced academics and aircon professionals. It focuses on 4 critical areas of national interest within the education sector.

•Reducing energy costs

•Reducing CO2 emissions

•Improving student performance

•Improving staff/student well-being


One simple heating and cooling technology has been proven to have a significant impact on all 4 of these areas and is now being deployed widely throughout the education sector at a cost per classroom equivalent to 3 laptops.

Energy Cost Reductions

A one form entry primary school will typically save many thousands of pounds.

Fossil fuel energy usage can be reduced by up to 80%

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Typical reductions are between 20-60 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Between 40% - 70% lower CO2 outputs and A++ efficiency rating

Improved Student Performance

Up to 15% increase in pupil performance where classrooms exceed 22o C

Up to 30% increase for disadvantaged children where classrooms exceed 22o C

Staff / Student Well Being

Well being is improved significantly by moderated classroom temperature.

Behavioural issues are lessened significantly by moderated classroom temperature

Calculating the cost savings

Calculating the cost savings and benefits for each individual school requires careful structured analysis of their current infrastructure, fuel type and current annual consumption. We employ the same rigorous criteria and analysis used by organisations such as Salix to produce accurate, detailed forecasts. Sponsored by the IAFE, there is no charge to schools for producing these estimates or for any subsequent site surveys or quotations.

Image by Michael Michelovski


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