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The Environmental Benefits of Air Con

Most of the articles you may read on Air Conditioning will state that it has a negative effect on the environment. But that’s only part of the picture. 

A Convenient Truth

Using an Air Conditioning unit uses electrical energy, most of which is still supplied by burning fossil fuels, which produces carbon dioxide. So how can Air Conditioning be environmentally friendly?  

Using Air Con through the warmer months of the year definitely adds to the carbon footprint of a building. But during the colder months is where the difference is made. An Air Con unit can produce about 6kW of heat output for just 1 kW of electricity: one sixth of the electricity, one sixth of the energy, one sixth of the CO2. 

So if we assume (as a rule of thumb) that we use heating in a building for about half the year, and cooling for about a third, the combined effect is still less than a third of the original total energy cost. Find out about the financial and educational benefits below.

Save the Planet
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