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Classroom Lecture

The Benefits of Air Conditioning for Schools. 

The days when people thought of air conditioning as something to keep guests cool in holiday hotels are long gone. But the benefits of air conditioning in schools are not always obvious. 

 We think that controlling the temperature and climate in a classroom is the single most important contribution to the learning experience… and we know that’s a big statement. There are a lot of reasons why. 

 Firstly, air conditioning heats as well as cools. So hot rooms are cool in the Summer, and cold rooms are hot in the Winter: and Air Conditioning is so efficient that the existing heating system can be turned off. This system, powered by an Air Source Heat Pump, has 3 big benefits. Find out more below.

An Air Con system runs on electricity, but requires a lot less energy than any other heating system, whether it runs on gas, oil or electricity. This means it produces a lot less Carbon Dioxide….and we mean a lot.


Because it uses a lot less energy, it cost a lot less to run… and again we mean a lot. (Spoiler Alert: even a single form entry Primary School will save thousands of pounds a year) 

We supply and install Air con systems, but we’re not Air con engineers first and foremost: we’re educationalists. Which is why the third benefit is the most important to us. Getting the temperature right in a classroom is critical, and makes a huge difference to learning. Test results can be affected by up to 20%, and attention span, concentration and behaviour are all affected. Air conditioning is the single biggest legacy we can leave a school, benefitting generations of students.

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